Le Prieuré invites you to travel…

The Restaurant becomes an ephemeral boutique this summer, featuring an iconic selection of IVAHONA brand products.

Manufactured products, made in Madagascar, you can discover bags, sarongs, hats and pouches.

You will then be able to see or try them or even buy them at the Restaurant.

To learn more about IVAHONA:

> Visit the brand's web site


New decoration, new logo!

After the restyling of the Restaurant, a refresh of our "ancestral" website… here is our new logo.

Fully inspired by our historic sign, manufactured in ornamented metal, our new logo represents more than ever our establishment: anchored in the present, with an infinite respect of our history and especially that of our walls, and resolutely turned towards the future.

Then, if you ever "meet" the logo below, you will know that it is the new one of the Restaurant Le Prieuré…

A new look for Le Prieuré...

Owner of the Restaurant since 1989, the Frémondière family wanted to give a touch of youth to the decoration while preserving the soul of the place in its "juice".

From floors to ceilings, the entire decoration has been revisited to make Le Prieuré a clearly more welcoming place

Accompanied by Arnaud Millet, a Megevan antiquarian and designer, the teams have mobilized to offer you a new and yet familiar place.